Arthur Lismer

PRice Range (Hammer PRice)
$1047 - $334,485
Arthur Lismer

Arthur Lismer emigrated from Sheffield, England to Toronto, Ontario, in 1911. Soon after, through his employment at Grip Ltd., he would meet Tom Thomson and some of the other artists that would one day comprise the Group. In the years leading up to 1920, Lismer often joined these artists on sketching trips to Algonquin Park and Georgian Bay, Ontario. He was always full of energy and possessed a barbed wit. With pencil and paper always at hand, he delighted in creating clever cartoon drawings of his artist friends and those perceived to be enemies of their art. Nothing pleased him more than targeting the establishment and all things pretentious.

With a strong commitment to teaching, Lismer established one of the most successful children's art programs in North America. In 1936, he set up school programs in South Africa. An active promoter of the Group of Seven and the author of many articles on Canadian art, Lismer continued to paint throughout his lifetime and is now buried in the cemetery on the McMichael grounds.

Notable Collections

Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia
Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Dalhousie Art Gallery
McMichael Canadian Art Collection
National Museum of American Art-Smithsonian
Owens Art Gallery/Museum
Sheffield Art Galleries G & Mappin
Art Museum of Sao Paulo, Bern
Canadian War Museum
Jack S Blanton Museum of Art
National Gallery of Canada
Oakland Museum of California
Quebec Museum of Fine Arts
Sheldon Museum of Art

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Arthur Lismer
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Arthur Lismer
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Arthur Lismer
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